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It’s often troublesome to guess and estimate the number of visitors viewing your website or blog. A numerical figure definitely helps business managers devise new strategies and come up with better sales plans. From a blogger perspective, you get to know how your blog has been doing as far as the popularity charts are concerned. The question however is: The best part of course is that they are absolutely free for use. Neither do you need to fill up online forms or supply E-Mail addresses.

The Free Counters are a perfect little solution that comes in various shapes, sizes and color combinations. Choose the Free Counters that suit your website/blog layout the best, select a color and generate a simple HTML code. All you need to do is embed the piece of code into your website/blog page. The Free Counters counts and displays the number of visitors visiting your website.

Well, it’s understandable if you have already assumed that the Free Counters come at a hefty cost or some cryptic hidden clause. No. That’s the best part. The Free Counters come at absolutely no cost whatsoever. A host of free tools and products available online usually come with a registration process, wherein you are needed to furnish several personal details along with E-Mail and Phone Number. Well, getting your Free Counters involves no registration process. You need not fill any online forms stating your name, age, phone number or E-Mail address. Using our Free Counters involves absolutely no hassles or security threats. Just copy-paste the code and you are done.

Choose Your Counter Style

The Free Counter comes in two flavors: simple text and a slightly more dazzling dynamic variant. While some of them have explicit headers stating “Visitors Count”, the others simply display the numeric figure. It depends on how much usable space you have on your website layout.

Get your free html Counter Code

The Free Counters are a smart solution that helps you show your website’s/blog’s popularity to your range of viewers. We would call it a great marketing tool, since it establishes certain credibility for your website. With a higher numerical figure being displayed on the Free Counter, your prospective customers and viewers get a hint of how your website has been trending the popularity charts. Its time you get a copy of the Counter and steer towards a success that you can easily measure.

How to install the Counter in Your Website

The steps to incorporate Free Counters into your website/blog are absolutely simple. Choose the type of Counter layout that suits your website/blog.

  • Choose the style of Free Counters – Simple Text or the dynamic variant.
  • Next, choose the color that suits your taste.
  • That’s all you need to do for now. Click on the “Generate Code” button.
  • The new window opens up with a piece of HTML code in it.
  • Right-click over the code. Depending upon your Operating System, language settings, browser controls, you should be getting a menu stating “Copy Code” or “Copy Selection”.
  • Copy the HTML code and choose the place on your website or blog where you would want to paste it.
  • Right click and paste the code.
  • You are done. Your customized version of Free Counters is ready for use.

Our engineers and ace developers here realized that you might want to monitor how each of your product pages has been performing in terms of visitor count. That should typically provide you with an insight of which product or service has been striking the right chords with your customer base. So we have designed the Free Counters in such a way that it displays the visitor count for each webpage. So please make sure you embed the piece of code onto every page that you want you track, and not just the parent layout of your website.

Counters for all Websites

The Free Counter seamlessly integrates with almost every popular and market prevalent free web hosting providers, CMS, blog engines and user forums. All you need to do is copy paste the simple HTML code and the Counter shows up on your website/blog/forum.

  • The Counters work great with free web space hosts such as, jimdo or lima-city.
  • with most popular CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress, Tumblr, Drupal, Jimdo, Joomla.
  • Popular Blog-systems such as Blogspot or Blogger support our Counters too.
  • And they work well with forums such as phpBB, WBB, vBulletin.

Our Service is absolutely free

The Free Countes is easy to integrate and simple to use. We take immense pride in saying that the Counters could actually help you in saving substantial dollars, as compared to other tools of similar merit. For webmasters, they needn’t hire expensive web programmers and software developers to design and integrate Visitor Counter tools to their business website or blogs. The simplicity of our Website Counter makes it incredibly easy to integrate. Just select the type of Counter, the layout that fits your needs, choose a color, generate a block of HTML code, and paste it onto your website. That’s all it takes. Even a novice with zero programming knowledge could plugin the Free Counters into their website.

While most other tools and software available on the Internet comes with a bunch of usage policies, demo periods and registration charges, the Our Service is 100% free. There is absolutely no charges associated with the Free Counters. It’s absolutely free for use and involves no hidden costs. You needn’t even register online or leave back your E-Mail address. We won’t ask for your phone number or any personal details. Just copy-paste and enjoy Your Free Counter!